After the high school diploma then two years of formation in studios of drawing in Paris, I obtain the eligibility for the Decorative arts school, breaking with the teachers' family tradition. Of this moment there, the need to paint will not leave me any more.

My originality - which makes my signature - is to choose the silk as medium, in the same way as a linen or cotton painting. Lover of the color, this tissue revives it. The brilliant, smooth aspect, the warmth of the silk seduces me, its transparency charms me.

I draw directly in the wax on the silk without preliminary sketch : the plan is irreversible as in calligraphy and translates the impulses of the hand. The pose of the color, the liquid material with aniline, requires a control allying slowness and acceleration. The overlapping in the infinity of colors in the discovery of their transformation is another exercise which does not still tire me.

My themes drew at first from the souvenirs of a childhood spent in France and abroad, in my meetings with objects come moreover then in my studies of art and archaeology. My adult's inspirations arise from walks, from journeys, from holidays, from reading, from exposures, from conversations, simply from the life and from the observation of the time which I cross.

For a long time, I create simultaneously representational paintings and geometrical compositions. 

At the same time, I use other artistic supports … I paint some gouaches in colors. 

To create is always for me question of survival.

Claude Miquel

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